BAGIS Council

All Council roles are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

  • Full members only of BAGIS are eligible to vote.
  • The election process is administered and scrutinised by an independent expert by experience.

Following the 6th October 2023 AGM, the current Council is:

  • President: Alison Berner (2 year term to expire 2025)
  • Secretary: Anna Laws (2 year term to expire 2025)
  • Treasurer: Leighton Seal (2 year term to expire 2024*)
  • Council Member (2-year duration, to expire 2024*):
    • James Barrett
    • Stuart Lorimer
    • Sophie Quinney
    • Vacant
  • Council Member (4-year duration to expire 2027):
    • Christine Mimnagh
    • Kamilla Kamaruddin
    • Heather Woods
    • Deborah Mackenzie
  • Council co-opted members:
    • Karl Neff (Republic of Ireland)
    • David Parker (Scotland)
  • Ex-officio president (2-year duration to expire 2025):
    • Matthew Mills
  • Community Scrutineer:
    • N Perez
  • Working Party and work-streams:
    • Council is deeply grateful to a range of experts from the trans and non-binary community, experts in healthcare, clinical services from multi disciplines, commissioning, management and research for their input into various work-streams.

*The constitution has been amended to ensure that elected periods overlap in order to provide continuity.  For this reason, 2 year member terms from 2021 and Treasurer were extended by a year to expire in 2024.