British Association of Gender Identity Specialists

The British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS) was founded in 2014 for the purpose of promoting clinical research and the exchange of knowledge of gender dysphoria and transgender health. It is an association and network of healthcare professionals, from a wide range of disciplines, committed to promoting excellence in clinical practice, clinical research, training and education in the field of healthcare for trans and non-binary people. The Association encourages and fosters the highest standards of practice amongst its members, based upon the best available evidence, and advocates the adoption of similar standards amongst all health professionals in the British Isles.

The purposes of BAGIS are:

  • to establish a professional association to encourage the highest standards of practice, education, and research in the field of transgender health
  • to promote cooperation between health professionals, academics and allied professionals working in the field of transgender health throughout the British Isles
  • to promote excellence in transgender healthcare by disseminating scientific knowledge and evidence-based clinical practice through a peer network
  • to engage with trans and non-binary people in the promotion of excellence in transgender healthcare.

President Update: Matthew Mills Stepping into 2022

It is an honour to be elected President of the BAGIS for a second term.

In this period, I commit to continuing to develop ‘principles of care’ which the association can be proud of, and which describe clinically robust, evidential, therapeutic and affirmative delivery of services that are truly collaborative and co-productive with the trans and non-binary community.

I commit to offering members both digital and in-person webinar and symposia experiences, according to member feedback, which give platform for national and international experts to share cutting edge research, knowledge and skills, and where learning is intersectional and inclusive.

I am pleased to announce that members of BAGIS now have a specific members’ area and personal login, with communication forum and opportunities to connect, network, post and chat with each other in support and discussion.

I believe that leaders create leaders, not followers. My approach is to listen, gather broad and wide perspective, and shape direction co-creatively and in collaboration with the people we serve. I have aimed to bring to council perspectives from regions and services across the British Isles, as well as experts in trans healthcare models and delivery, and community experts with lived experience.

The BAGIS council and membership have engaged and continue to:

  • support blended in-person and digital service delivery as part of the response to and emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • stand by and welcome the clarity provided by the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the High Court judgment that children and young people with gender dysphoria may not be able to consent to puberty blockers;
  • hold clinicians working in trans healthcare across the British Isles in the highest regard in the competence of those specialists working with trans youth.
  • support the collaboration of UCLH, Tavistock and Portman and NHS England in delivering affirmative and robust care to young people;
  • champion equality of access to affirmative fertility preservation services for trans and non-binary people.

Call for Expressions of Interest

The BAGIS council welcomes expressions of interest from members, stakeholders, individuals, groups and associations who can offer pertinent, expert perspectives to our working party on developing ‘principles of care’ for the association.

We also welcome presenters, researchers, clinicians and educators to offer learning opportunities to the association, and call for papers and continuous professional development workshops for symposium and webinar programming in 2022. Please contact the BAGIS secretary via the ‘contact‘ link.