2nd Scientific Symposium 2016

Transitions Across Boundaries – October 6th & 7th, Leeds

The second British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS) Scientific Symposium was held in Leeds on October 6th and 7th 2016. It focussed on ‘Transitions Across Boundaries’, be they developmental, geographical, or theoretical. 

The event for healthcare professionals and academics included high quality presentations from a wide variety of speakers working in fields related to the healthcare of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the British Isles. There was opportunity to meet and network with other professionals from diverse backgrounds. BAGIS’ Scientific Symposia are the only events of their kind in the UK.


Thursday 6th October

  • From Mavericks to Mainstreamer 
  • Working with young people with gender variance 
  • Voice across boundaries: voice, identity and consciousness from paediatric to adult 
  • Overview of the gender self socialisation model 
  • Milestones, celebrations and ceremonies in the transgender transition 

Friday 7th October

  • Systemic and family perspectives in gender identity transition 
  • Queering CBT 
  • Online health communities 
  • Hormonal treatment, protocol for early hormonal intervention and 15+ young people 
  • Surgical perspective, vaginoplasty -dilemmas following from early hormonal intervention
  • 3 Presentations of latest postgraduate trans research                                               
  • Non-binary/Genderqueer