BAGIS statement on equal access to healthcare

6th October 2023

The British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS) asserts the rights of all people who are eligible to receive healthcare in Britain, to do so without fear of discrimination and hatred. Recent attempts in British society to remove the access of gender diverse people to their equal right to healthcare appear to be solely in the pursuit of political gain. The BAGIS condemns the use of gender diverse people to further political careers and agendas.

We call on healthcare workers to continue to provide high quality care as is their duty and, almost without exception, also their desire. We offer our allegiance to our gender diverse service users, colleagues and friends in healthcare and our assurance that we see the harm that the recent political statements have caused. We call on politicians of all parties to seek to protect the human rights of gender diverse people and speak out against those who seek to spread transphobic bigotry and hate within our healthcare system.